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Mary Cate Saville

Mary Cate Saville

Business Development Associate

Southern Power

Mary Cate Saville serves as a business development associate within Southern Power’s acquisitions team. In this role, Mary Cate is responsible for supporting commercial negotiations and project diligence to acquire new generating assets across all renewable, natural gas and storage technologies in line with Southern Power’s growth strategy.

Mary Cate joined Southern Power from ExxonMobil in Houston, TX. In her most recent role as a financial planner, Mary Cate supported budget management for the logistics costs of six business lines within ExxonMobil Chemicals Company. She was responsible for managing the stewardship process, driving cost-saving initiatives, calculating the next fiscal year’s logistics budget (over $650M), and assisted in presenting for approval. Prior, she served as a logistics analyst for ExxonMobil, and interned for Amazon in supply chain.

Mary Cate received a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Auburn University with a specialization in business.

Phone: 205-527-1616 Email:
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Where do you call home? I grew up in Birmingham, AL, and am excited to call it home again. I have also lived in Charlotte, NC and Houston, TX, and greatly enjoyed my time in both.

What are your hobbies? I love to workout at Orangetheory, travel, and cook!

What’s the best vacation you’ve taken? Spain in 2018 – I went to Madrid, Toledo, Sevilla, and Córdoba and absolutely love the history and culture.

Favorite food? Seafood – I love grilled grouper and fresh oysters by the coast.

If you were stuck on an island, what three things would you bring? A blanket, a book, and a coffee machine – I can’t live without it!

Tell us something we might not know about you. I am a dual citizen of the US and Australia; my dad is originally from Perth.

What is the last book you read? Remarkably Bright Creatures by Shelby Van Pelt for a book club. I highly recommend it!

Tell us something on your bucket list. Scuba-diving in the Great Barrier Reef!

What is the first thing you’d buy if you won the lottery? I would book flights for a year long trip exploring the globe, and then I would buy either a labrador retriever or dachshund puppy.

What is your biggest pet peeve? Being called “MK” – MC is a welcome abbreviation of Mary Cate, but not MK.

Do you have a hidden talent? I love to paint and bake in my spare time. I’m no master, but better than you would expect!

What are you currently watching? I am watching Lessons in Chemistry and getting ready to watch the second Dune movie!